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These are the rules for using graphics by [livejournal.com profile] curi_o @ [livejournal.com profile] model_deviance:

; always read each entry's posted notes prior to download for any additional instructions.
; when crediting, the suggested format is:
<lj user=curi_o> @ <lj user=model_deviance>
; whenever you download or save a resource, please comment on the post where the resource was found.
; never, ever hotlink. There are plenty of free sites that will host images, including several (like Photobucket) that will upload an image directly from another internet location.
; send me a message or otherwise contact me to report broken links or for alternate viewing arrangements, especially when dealing with image heavy posts.
; use of any of these graphics implies agreement to these terms of use.

; always credit icons. The best way to do this is AS PART OF THE UPLOAD PROCESS. There are two fields in which you may enter indentifying text; they are "Keywords" and "Comments." My preference is to credit the maker in the comments field, but either is fine.
; when commenting, please be specific about which icons you have taken. Additionally, include the name of the referring community.
; these icons have been made for use on livejournal. Contact me before using them anywhere else.

; credit is optional for bases, with a few noted exceptions. Check the post's notes for other instructions.

; always credit textures.
; comment when downloading.
; textures are for use in personal graphics only. For use in commercial projects, contact me to make arrangements.
; if you use one of my textures and comment on the post where you found the texture with both the graphic you made and the filename of the texture used, I will (with your permission) add your graphic to the post as an example. (You will receive credit, of course.)
; texture packs are locked .zip files. The password for all texture downloads is: mdtxt


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